Semi trailers will use trail air suspension. Believe everyone is already familiar with the term "trail air suspension". Today, we will explain trail air suspension to you, which will also facilitate better choices for buying semi trailers in the future. As the name suggests, trail air suspension is simply a suspension with an air spring as an elastic element, and its most obvious feature is the airbag-type air spring. Trail air suspension has several major advantages, which ZY trailer accessories wholesale company will explain one by one below.

The semi trailers air suspension is lightweight

One of the biggest advantages of trail air suspension is its lightweight. Compared with traditional steel plate spring suspension, it is much lighter, which is an important reason why ordinary users pay attention to trail air suspension. With the current weight-based charging system, the lightweight advantage of trail air suspension is obvious.

The semi trailers air suspension provides a smoother ride

Compared with lightweight, the fact that vehicles using trail air suspension provide a smoother ride is more worthy of attention. The elasticity coefficient of the air spring, that is, the softness and hardness of the spring, can be automatically adjusted as needed. When the vehicle is driving at high speeds, the air spring hardens to improve the stability of the vehicle. When encountering poor road conditions, the air spring softens to improve the comfort of the vehicle. Adjusting the air spring can also ensure that the height of the cargo compartment is constant, which is conducive to protecting the safety of the cargo.

The semi trailers air suspension is adjustable in height

Height adjustment has two aspects. One is that the axle semi trailer can be lifted through the semi trailers air suspension, which is conducive to reducing tire wear and fuel consumption and is especially suitable for working conditions with single-side deflation. Compared with other suspensions, the structure of trail air suspension is more complex because it has to use air springs and set up a rod system that can transmit various forces and moments other than vertical forces. This to some extent makes its price relatively high. Although trail air suspension has advantages and disadvantages, the advantages are more obvious overall, otherwise trial air suspension would not have become the necessary suspension specified by the government. In addition, with the prevailing trend of "lightweight" in the commercial vehicle industry, shippers are paying more and more attention to cargo damage, and competition among peers is becoming more and more intense. This industry background is also pushing the use of trail air suspension to a certain extent.

It is recommended that when purchasing semi trailer air suspension, car owners should choose reliable brands as much as possible, which can also reduce the cost of subsequent maintenance and replacement to some extent. Specially designed seals can fully ensure the temperature during suspension work and extend the service life. The parts assembly design is more flexible, the installation time is shorter, and maintenance can be carried out according to actual conditions to reduce maintenance costs.