Trailer Air Suspension

Air suspension is widely used in semi-trailer, we produce air suspension is divided into lifting air suspension and non-lifting air suspension, air suspension characteristics are: forging +3D molding technology guide arm, high quality air bag, high performance shock absorber, compact axle lifting device, a full set of air path control system. The advantage of using air suspension is to reduce the impact of liquid flow on the tank during turbulence, and to protect the cargo safety; Reduce tire wear, reduce fuel consumption, etc. Light weight, can increase cargo capacity. For wholesale trailer suspension kits at competitive price, inquiry now!

  • air ride trailer
  • air ride trailer

Features of Trailer Air Suspension

  • Air suspension has reasonable structure, good braking performance, high strength and rigidity.

  • Air suspension system is light in weight, safe, reliable and comfortable.

  • Lift shaft availability -the axle can be lifted when empty to reduce tire wear.

  • Air suspension has long service life of parts, the leaf is made of high quality steel.

  • It adopts famous brand airbags, equipped with a complete gas cir-cut ,which is easy to install and use, can be equipped with lifting airbags.

Benefits of Trailer Air Suspension

Forging +3d Molding Technology Guide Arm

Higher stability and better toughness, can maximum limit to protect the goods, and reduce the stress on the axle, prolong the service life of the vehicle.

High Quality Airbag

Imported from European original factory, longer service life than domestic airbag, airbag built-in rubber buffer block, to ensure that the vehicle can also run smoothly at low speed in case of emergency.

High Performance Shock Absorber

Adopt special seal, working temperature range -40 degrees to +160 degrees

Compact Axle Lifting Device

Stronger lifting force, effectively increase axle distance from the ground, complex road conditions better vehicle passing

Trailer Air Suspension Schematic

Trailer Air Suspension Schematic

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