Trailer suspension kits & parts used in heavy-duty semi-trailers is divided into American suspension parts, German suspension parts, single-point suspension parts, air suspension parts, rigid suspension parts, and so on. In trailer suspension manufacturers, All of these types we produce, their advantages are lightweight designs for easy installation, casting block is replaceable and easy to install with large loading capacity.

Heavy duty trailer suspension kits use high-strength materials, strong bearing capacity, good wear resistance, and high stability. Axle base adjustment is convenient and accurate.

Each type of suspension has passed strict testing and loading road test among all of our custom & OEM trailer suspension types.

ZY brand advanced trailer spares suspension is worth your buying, please do not hesitate!

Trailer Suspension

How Do Trailer Suspension Units Work?

Suspension is the car frame and bridge between all the force connection device.

Its role is to put the road on the wheel of the vertical reaction force, vertical reaction force and lateral reaction force as well as the torque caused by the reaction force to be transferred to the frame, in order to ensure the normal running of the car.

Trailer Suspension Components FAQs

  • Trailer Suspension Components FAQs

    What is trailer suspension?

    Suspension system is the car frame and bridge or wheel between all the transmission of force connection device, its role is to transfer the role of the wheel and the force between the torsion, and buffer from uneven road to the frame or body of the impact, and attenuation of the vibration caused by the car to ensure that the smooth running.

  • Trailer Suspension Components FAQs

    Why do trailers have independent suspension?

    The advantage of independent suspension is that each wheel can move independently of the others.

  • Trailer Suspension Components FAQs

    Which suspension system is used on a trailer?

    Leaf suspension is by far the most common and cost-effective type of trailer suspension.

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