Overland Trailer Axle Kits For Sale

The off road trailer axle kits are the perfect choice for anyone towing a car, motorcycle, or ATV. The overland trailer axle kit is designed for light-duty use and is made from heat-treated aluminum. 

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  • overland trailer suspension
  • overland trailer suspension

Off Road Trailer Axle Kits Features

  • Our overland trailer suspension feature a fully retractable axle, off road trailer suspension systems allowing fantastic offroad capability.

  • The overland trailer axle kits can be retracted to 10ft from the trailer to allow low tilt angles when empty, or with minimal weight on the trailer.

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What Axle To Use For Overland Trailer?

Most 4x6 tend to go with a 3500lb axle that are just simple and sized to the trailer width. There are other options like timbren axles which give you more clearance but usually cost a lot more. Ideally, a very strong chassis and hot-dipped galvanised steel (to make the overland trailer axle kit resilient to the weather). Overall, the custom trailer parts we would firstly look at upgrading for off-road adventures would be: The thickness of the chassis rails & drawbar. Increase wheel size.

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