Overland Trailer Axle Kits For Sale

The off road trailer axle kits are the perfect choice for anyone towing a car, motorcycle, or ATV. The overland trailer axle kit is designed for light-duty use and is made from heat-treated aluminum. 

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  • overland trailer suspension
  • overland trailer suspension

Off Road Trailer Axle Kits Features

  • Our overland trailer suspension feature a fully retractable axle, off road trailer suspension systems allowing fantastic offroad capability.

  • The overland trailer axle kits can be retracted to 10ft from the trailer to allow low tilt angles when empty, or with minimal weight on the trailer.

What Axle To Use For Overland Trailer?

Most 4x6 tend to go with a 3500lb axle that are just simple and sized to the trailer width. There are other options like timbren axles which give you more clearance but usually cost a lot more. Ideally, a very strong chassis and hot-dipped galvanised steel (to make the overland trailer axle kit resilient to the weather). Overall, the custom trailer parts we would firstly look at upgrading for off-road adventures would be: The thickness of the chassis rails & drawbar. Increase wheel size.

How Does Off Road Trailer Axle Kits Work?

Off-road trailer axle kits, also known as overland trailer axle kits, consist of an axle, hubs, bearings, and hardware for off-road trailers. The axle is sturdy, and the hubs and bearings are robust and reliable, designed for heavy loads and rough terrain. To install them, the existing axle is removed, and the new axle is attached using brackets and bolts. The overland trailer axle kits provide a reliable and stable foundation for off-road trailers and ensure a smooth ride with proper alignment and adjustment.

How To Install Off Road Trailer Axle Kits?

To install overland trailer axle kits, remove the existing axle and wheels from the trailer frame. Mount the new axle to the frame using brackets and bolts. Install the hubs and wheels on the axle, ensuring they are aligned correctly, and adjust the trailer for proper alignment. Overland trailer axle kits are designed for off-road use, with sturdy axles and robust hubs and bearings for heavy loads and rough terrain. These kits are available as off road trailer axles for sale and provide a reliable suspension system for off-road trailers.

How Much Weight Can Off Road Trailer Axle Kits Handle?

The weight capacity of off-road trailer axle kits, including overland trailer axle kits, varies depending on the specific kit and its components. Generally, these kits are designed to handle heavier loads than standard trailer axles, with many capable of carrying up to 3,500 pounds or more. It is essential to check the weight capacity of the kit before purchasing to ensure it can handle the weight of the trailer and its cargo. Many off-road trailer axles for sale come with weight capacity ratings, and it's important to choose a kit that can handle the intended load.

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