ZY Trailer Parts Provides high-quality trailer axle stubs and hubs, like rear axle hubs, bolt on axle hubs, and front hub axle. If you want to see more details about trailer axle and hub kits, please look at follows.

Our trailer axles and hubs are designed to meet the demands of even the most demanding buyer. We strive on quality and durability, and our customers can attest that this hub is both strong and long-lasting. Quote trailer axle hubs for sale!


Trailer Axle Hub Advantages

These trailer axle and hub kits and assemblies utilize a high load capacity, directly mounted configuration which eliminates any possible vibration that could be caused by other types of hubs and bearings. The trailer axles and hubs are designed to handle the higher torque rating and carry greater weight than most standard trailer hub kit. These trailer axle and hub kits offer superior performance in extreme applications where axle shafts are subject to lateral stresses or lateral loads during operation.

Trailer Axle Hub FAQs

  • Trailer Axle Hub FAQs

    What is the hub on a trailer axle?

    The wheel hub is the bridge between the tire and the whole car, and if any of its parts break, a surge occurs that can cause a number of problems, such as steering failure or axle breakage.

  • Trailer Axle Hub FAQs

    When should you replace trailer hubs?

    Many trailer manufacturers recommend this maintenance every year if your trailer gets normal use, or at least every 20,000 miles.

  • Trailer Axle Hub FAQs

    How do I know what size my hub is?

    Measure across the middle of the wheel hub to get the diameter.

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