Single Point Trailer Suspension

Bogie suspension has 24T, 28T, and 32T. With steel and cooper bush, the plate is 12 mm and 16 mm. This also can make according to customer demand. Custom trailer suspension with kits, parts and assembly services.

  • single point trailer suspension
  • single point trailer suspension

Features of Single Point Trailer Suspension

  • When the left and right wheels bounce, they will be involved with each other, and the change of tire angle is small, so that the tire wear is small.

Benefits of Single Point Trailer Suspension

  • It is not easy to change the angle of the wheels when the height of the car body is reduced, so that the feeling of handling is consistent.

  • It takes up less space and can reduce the height of the car floor.

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Single Point Trailer Suspension Schematic

Single Point Trailer Suspension Schematic

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