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Wholesale Trailer Axles Types by Trailer

Wholesale trailer axles cater to diverse needs, with two prominent types being the Off-Road Trailer Axle and the Overland Trailer Axle.

Off-Road Trailer Axles are engineered to withstand rugged terrains, ensuring durability and stability in challenging environments. Constructed with robust materials and reinforced designs, these axles are ideal for off-road enthusiasts, adventurers, and contractors needing reliable performance in demanding conditions. They offer superior traction, enhanced ground clearance, and resilience against impacts, making them indispensable for off-grid adventures or heavy-duty hauling in rough terrain.

On the other hand, Overland Trailer Axles are tailored for long-distance travel and expedition purposes. These axles prioritize endurance and efficiency, featuring advanced suspension systems and aerodynamic designs to optimize fuel efficiency and minimize wear during extended journeys. With a focus on smooth handling and load distribution, Overland Trailer Axles provide a comfortable towing experience, making them favored among travelers exploring remote destinations or embarking on cross-country expeditions.

Both off road trailer axle kits and overland trailer axle kit exemplify innovation and versatility in the wholesale trailer industry, offering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers across various sectors.

Wholesale Trailer Axles Types by Part

Wholesale trailer axles come in various types, each tailored to specific needs and applications within the transportation and agricultural sectors.

Heavy Duty Trailer Axle: Engineered to withstand substantial loads and harsh conditions, heavy-duty trailer axles are designed for industrial and commercial hauling tasks. These axles are built with robust materials and reinforced structures to ensure durability and reliability under heavy loads.

Torsion Trailer Axles: Torsion axles utilize a rubberized suspension system, providing a smoother ride and improved shock absorption compared to traditional leaf spring suspensions. They are favored for their enhanced stability and reduced vibration, making them ideal for recreational trailers and cargo hauling.

Agricultural Trailer Axles: Specifically designed for farm equipment and agricultural trailers, these axles are engineered to endure the rigors of field work and heavy-duty farming operations. They often feature specialized components such as extended hubs for wider track widths and increased stability on uneven terrain.

Semi Trailer Axle: Semi-trailer axles are integral components of semi-trucks and trailers used for long-haul transportation. These axles are engineered to support significant payloads while ensuring optimal weight distribution and maneuverability on highways and interstates.

Disc Brake Trailer Axles: Disc brake axles offer superior stopping power and increased braking efficiency compared to traditional drum brakes. They are commonly used in trailers subjected to frequent stops or hauling heavy loads, providing enhanced safety and control.

Complete Trailer Axles: Complete axles come fully assembled with hubs, bearings, brakes, and other necessary components, simplifying installation and maintenance processes for trailer manufacturers and repair shops.

Hydraulic Steering Axle: Hydraulic steering axles are equipped with hydraulic systems that enable precise steering control, making them suitable for specialty trailers such as boat trailers and car haulers.

Light Trailer Axle: Light-duty axles are designed for smaller trailers such as utility trailers, camping trailers, and lightweight cargo haulers. They offer economical solutions for recreational and light commercial use.

Square Trailer Axle: Square axles feature a square-shaped cross-section, providing increased strength and stability compared to round axles. They are commonly used in heavy-duty trailers and equipment hauling applications.

Trailer Rear Axle: The rear axle of a trailer supports the majority of the trailer's weight and is essential for maintaining stability and control during towing.

Trailer Brake Drum: Brake drums are integral components of drum brake systems, providing the surface against which brake shoes press to slow or stop the trailer. They are crucial for ensuring safe and reliable braking performance.

Trailer Axle Hub: Axle hubs provide the mounting surface for wheels and bearings, allowing for smooth rotation and weight distribution. They play a critical role in supporting the trailer's weight and facilitating movement.

Each type of wholesale trailer axle serves a specific purpose and is designed to meet the unique requirements of various industries and applications, ensuring optimal performance, durability, and safety in transportation and agricultural operations.


Reliable Axle Trailer Supply Features

1. Special heat treatment, low alloy steel axle beam, good comprehensive performance, strong bearing capacity, low dead weight;

2. High-quality alloy solid spindle provides superior fatigue resistance through integral heat treatment;

3. Camshaft adopts special sealing processing to ensure that grease will not enter the brake drum, which is safer;

4. New tight fit wheel hubcap, O-ring seal, good sealing performance; 5. Extend the free maintenance time.

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Wholesale Trailer Axles FAQs

  • Wholesale Trailer Axles FAQs

    How to measure trailer axle length?

    Measuring trailer axle length is essential for determining compatibility with various trailers and for properly installing axle components. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to measure trailer axle length:

    Materials Needed:

    Measuring tape or ruler


    1. Locate the axle hubs: The axle hubs are the cylindrical bearings that the wheels are mounted on. They are typically located at the ends of the axle and are often visible from the underside of the trailer.

    2. Measure the distance between the axle hubs: Lay the measuring tape or ruler along the axle, ensuring it is level. Extend the tape or ruler from one axle hub to the other, taking care not to bend or distort the tape. Record the measurement in inches or millimeters.

    3. Check for variations: If the trailer has tandem axles (two axles side by side), measure the distance between the hubs of the adjacent axles. This will provide the overall axle length for the tandem axle set.

    4. Consider the type of axle: Trailer axles come in different types, such as straight axles, tandem axles, and drop axles. Each type has a distinct length measurement.

    5. Confirm compatibility: When purchasing replacement parts or axle components, always check the axle length specifications to ensure compatibility with your specific trailer.

    Here are some additional tips for measuring trailer axle length:

    For accurate measurements, use a high-quality measuring tape or ruler that is long enough to reach from one axle hub to the other.

    If the trailer is raised off the ground, ensure it is stable and level for accurate measurements.

    For tandem axles, measure the distance between the axle hubs, not the overall length of the tandem axle set.

    If the axle is covered in grease or debris, clean it thoroughly to prevent any interference with the measurement process.

  • Wholesale Trailer Axles FAQs

    How do you measure a trailer axle to replace?

    Measure the length of your axle track by determining the distance between the center of one tire and the center of the other.

  • Wholesale Trailer Axles FAQs

    Can I upgrade the axles on my trailer?

    It is certainly possible to increase the rating of the trailer axles by simply replacing the axles. 

  • Wholesale Trailer Axles FAQs

    What size axle do I need for my trailer?

     To determine the size of the axle required, the diameter of the existing axle must be measured.

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