OEM Trailer Parts And Trailer Accessories Wholesale

  • Trailer Suspension

    Lightweight design, easy to install and easy to maintain, made of high strength materials, it if of strong bearing capacity, good wear resistance, high stability and long service life. Convenient and accurate axel wheelbase adjustment to avoid abnormal wearing of Tyre.
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  • Trailer Axles

    One piece high quality low alloy axle tube with high bearing capacity, long service life, light weight and excellent performance. Professional by high frequency quenching, the bearing position is of strong anti-fatigue ability.
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  • Trailer Brake Drum

    Good heat dissipation. The blade-like reinforcing rib structure design for the surface of brake drum ensures faster air blow when the vehicle axle rotates, enhances heat dissipation and prevents high temperature bursting.
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  • Trailer Axle Hub

    It is cast without dust by high compactness molding machine and sand model regeneration technology and under PLC automation control in the whole process, It is of high precision , high compactness, excellent anti0ware performance.
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Bulk Buy Custom Spare Parts and Accessories from Zhengyang

Shandong Liangshan Zhengyang Trailer Parts Co. Ltd is a design, manufacturing, and sales of custom trailer spare parts and accessories wholesale company. we specialize in manufacturing trailer axle assembly and trailer suspension kits, along with other bulk trailer accessories.

Strict quality management system, advanced custom trailer parts production techniques and excellent service make our OEM bulk trailer parts products popular in the world. ZY trailer axles supplier try to make the technical standard of the bulk advanced and professional trailer spares accessories meet the requirements of different clients, and provide professional service. “first-class product quality, advanced technology, meticulous and thoughtful service” is the philosophy we always cherish. Contact us and buy trailer parts now!

Bulk Buy OEM Trailer Spares and Accessories from ZY


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