Cantilever Trailer Suspension

Cantilever trailer suspension (Two wires and four axles), The torsion bar angle of the rigid suspension is reasonably designed, which reduces the instantaneous friction and sliding distance between the tire and the ground in the frequent bump running course of the vehicle, so the friction of the tire is effectively reduced and the service life of the tire is prolonged.

  • cantilever trailer suspension
  • cantilever trailer suspension

Cantilever Trailer Suspension Features 

  • The closed box body of this trailer parts suspension has lightweight and strong rigidity, and the leaf spring will not move laterally.

  • The wear-resistant block of the balance arm has a grease lubrication nozzle, which reduces the sliding friction between the leaf spring and the wear-resistant block of the balance arm.

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Cantilever Trailer Suspension Benefits

The torsion bar angle design of the cantilever trailer suspension is reasonable. In the dustpan process of the vehicle running frequently, the sudden friction slip distance between the tire and the ground is reduced, the friction of the tire is reduced, and the service life of the tire is extended.

The torque rod bushing (damping sleeve) is made of polyurethane rubber, which combines rigidity and flexibility, and has buffering effect on the sudden sliding friction of tire.

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Cantilever Trailer Suspension Schematic

Cantilever Trailer Suspension Schematic

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