Brake drums, commonly known as brake drums, are one of the key parts of the trailer braking system. They are the frictional components of the drum brake system. In addition to the strength and stiffness required as components, they also have high and stable wear resistance, heat resistance, heat dissipation performance and thermal capacity, etc.

The trailer brakes and drums are part of the drum brake system of trailers and are also commonly referred to as brake drums. Brake drums and brake drums actually refer to the same thing. The main material used for production is gray cast iron. Cast iron material is quite wear-resistant, but it is brittle after aging and can easily break under overload. The brake drum must have the strength and stiffness required as components. The basic structure of the trailer brake drum is mainly composed of pearlite and a small amount of ferrite, carburized grains, and graphite, which are in the form of long flakes, with a length grade of 4-6, which plays a role in heat dissipation, increasing friction performance, and reducing brake noise. For more informations about trailer accessories, please contact China ZY, we have trailer accessories wholesale at competitive bulk price.

Trailer brake drum belongs to casting process

The quality of brake drums is affected by the casting process, so the casting process has strict requirements. The casting process can be divided into three basic parts, namely casting metal preparation, mold preparation and casting treatment. In simple terms, first prepare the metal material to be cast, then prepare the mold to be used, then pour and shape, and finally clean the casting.

The cylindrical part of the combined brake drum can be cast from cast iron, and the belly plate part can be stamped from steel plate. Alternatively, a centrifugally cast alloy cast iron piece is embedded in the brake drum stamped from steel plate, and combined to form the brake drum. Or the main body is made of aluminum alloy, and a layer of pearlite gray cast iron is embedded as a working surface. The common feature of the combined trailer brake drums is that they are small in size, wear-resistant on the working surface, and have a high friction coefficient.

Maintenance of trailer brake drums

Due to frequent braking during trailer driving, brake drums are easy to wear, crack, and break due to cold and hot alternation. Regular inspection and maintenance are very important. The following situations must be repaired and replaced:

  • Brake drums with a diameter exceeding the scrappage size or whose diameter exceeds the safe repair size after cutting should be replaced.

  • Brake drums with taper or roundness error exceeding 155μm should be replaced.

  • When there are hard points on the friction surface of the brake drum due to changes in the metallographic structure caused by braking heat energy, it should be replaced.

  • When there are any cracks in the brake drum, it should be replaced.

  • The brake drum after cutting must not have cracks or deformations, and its size must meet the requirements of the original manufacturer. If there is no regulation, it should comply with the regulations.