No matter how far you go, you can't forget the past and why you started“ Those who fall into reality think of their trees, and those who drink their flow think of their sources. " Facing the future, facing the challenge, facing the new journey, the brave are fearless.

Time flies. In a flash, the Communist Party of China has gone through 100 years of ups and downs. On the occasion of the party's 100th birthday, the mood of every one of us in Zhengyang is more gratitude than emotion.

The Founding of the Communist Party of China

In July 1921, a giant's cry came out from a red boat in Nanhu, Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. It was like spring thunder waking up a long sleeping lion in the East. It lifted the fog that had covered the hearts of thousands of people with lofty ideals for hundreds of years, raised the great banner of communism, and lit the fire of star revolution on the land of China. Since then, the ideal of the Chinese people has a goal and a leader worthy of trust, the Communist Party of China.

Long night, finally lit up a dazzling star, it lit up the darkness before dawn, guiding the way forward. In the long night of heavy disaster and bloodbath, it was the dawn of "July 1", which lifted the heavy fog of China and inspired the Chinese people to cast their heads and blood for the freedom and independence of the nation, spread the fire of communist belief to China, and lit up the road to a powerful country with the torch of ideal. As a result, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains were tall, handsome and magnificent; As a result, the long river of history is magnificent and full of lofty sentiments. We are proud of the glorious course of our motherland, and even more proud of being born in such a heroic country. The Communist Party of China.

What Should Zhengyang Group Do In The Future?

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, reviewing the glorious course of the party, remembering the great achievements of the party and feeling the red mark of the party will undoubtedly strengthen the original intention of all the party members of the Party branch of Zhengyang group, never forgetting the future, never fearing the future, never forgetting the original intention and forging ahead.

We will remember the red history of the party fighting with blood and firmly resolve to carry out great struggle. Once feudal rule was decadent, Western powers were running, mountains and rivers were broken, domestic and foreign troubles, and the Chinese nation was faced with the crisis of the extinction of the nation. In the critical period of saving the country, the Communist Party of China split waves and sailed by wind from the red boat in Nanhu, Jiaxing, and fought with blood. The Communist Party of China has successively won great victories in land revolution, anti Japanese War and liberation war. Countless Communists have carried out their vows when they joined the party with their flesh and blood. With the spirit of revolution and the will of struggle, we should inherit and carry forward the red revolutionary spirit of our ancestors, and further firmly believe in the new journey of great struggle, and persevere and forge ahead.

Shandong Zhengyang group trailer parts china warmly celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China! As a responsible enterprise, Zhengyang people never forget their original intention, keep in mind their mission, have a firm heart and always follow the party. With the care of the party and the support of the national preferential policies, Zhengyang group has been with the party for 17 years since its establishment in 2004. With continuous development and innovation, it has grown into a diversified group company with four wholly-owned subsidiaries. In the past 17 years, we have never forgotten the party's kindness, kept in mind the history, carried on the past and opened up the future, and made every effort to give back to the society while the company was developing and growing, so as to contribute to the prosperity and strength of the country.