Semi-trailer axles are one of the main components of the suspension system of a semi-trailer. They support the weight of the entire vehicle and absorb and distribute vibrations and shocks during driving. The axle is made up of components such as bearings, axle shafts, wheel hubs, and tires.

Driving through flooded areas briefly has little impact on the axle semi trailer. However, after driving, it is important to promptly check the axle components at the nearest service station for any residue of water, sand, or other debris.

The advantages of semi-trailer axles include:

  • Strong payload capacity: Semi-trailer axles have strong payload capacity and can withstand the weight of heavy cargo.

  • Good stability: The design and manufacturing process of semi-trailer axles are precisely calculated to provide a stable driving state.

  • High comfort: Semi-trailer axles have a good semi trailer air suspension that reduces vibration and shock, improving driving comfort.

  • Strong durability: Semi-trailer axles are made of high-strength materials, undergo strict testing and trials, and have high durability.

  • Easy maintenance: The components of semi-trailer axles have a clear structure, making maintenance easy.

Inspection of Semi-Trailer Axles After Wading

When semi-trailer axles are submerged in water for a long time, and the water level is higher than the wheel hub cover (based on the horizontal line or the traces left after the water recedes), the following inspections and treatments must be carried out before using the vehicle again:

Wheel hub system

Open the wheel hub cover and check for any signs of water ingress. If there are no signs, the situation is relatively mild. If there are signs, further inspection of the lubricating grease and bearings in the wheel hub system is required to check for malfunction or damage.

Brake friction plate

The surface of the brake friction plate is easily covered with mud and sand after being submerged, affecting the braking performance. It should be checked and washed with a large amount of water before using it again.

Automatic adjusting arm

Mark the current gap position of the self-adjusting arm and adjust the gap to the maximum. Press the brake pedal multiple times and check if the self-adjusting arm gap can return to the original marked position. If yes, the self-adjusting arm is operating normally.

Disc brake

The connection position between the air chamber push rod and the brake caliper of the disc brake should be checked for water ingress.

Brake air chamber

The exhaust hole of the dual-chamber air chamber is susceptible to water ingress when submerged, and water and debris can cause blockages in the air path, leading to trailer brake failure. After being submerged, it is necessary to go to the nearest service station for inspection as soon as possible.

The above are the preliminary inspection items for semi-trailer axles after being submerged in water. To ensure long-term use of the vehicle and safety during driving, it is recommended to take the vehicle to the nearest service station for inspection, maintenance, and treatment as soon as possible after being submerged.