Enterprise culture is the soul of enterprise development. Zhengyang group always pays attention to the development, improvement and implementation of enterprise culture.

On April 2, the chairman took time out of his busy schedule to personally preach Zhengyang's corporate culture to some department employees.

Schedule To Enterprise Culture

Combined with the actual situation of Zhengyang in production and life, the chairman of the board of directors made an in-depth elaboration on the essence of corporate culture and the unique corporate culture of Zhengyang, and clearly analyzed the meaning of "Zhengyang" brand, the company's development vision, two missions, six core values and eight business concepts of Zhengyang, so that the participants could understand and remember them clearly, And the corporate culture of Zhengyang has a clearer and more accurate understanding.

Schedule To Enterprise Culture

The Development Of Enterprises

The development of enterprises should have long-term goals and plans, and Zhengyang group's development vision is to become a leading enterprise group with customers' trust, employees' pride, shareholders' confidence and industry. The company's mission is pragmatic and ambitious: to provide customers with safer products and promote the development of transportation industry. Zhengyang on the road of development, do not forget the original intention, shoulder the mission, do not live up to the trust of customers and employees, for a better future Zhengyang continuous innovation and development.

During the meeting, the chairman of the board of directors shared his entrepreneurial experience with you. The participants felt the same and had deep experience. The chairman of the board of directors expounded the outstanding importance of "honesty" and "diligence" in personal reputation and company brand building.

Corporate culture is a unique cultural image of an organization, which is composed of its values, beliefs, rituals, symbols and ways of doing things. The enterprise culture is based on the enterprise and is a kind of management culture.

Corporate Culture

Corporate culture is the spiritual wealth and material form with the characteristics of the enterprise created in the production, operation and management activities of the enterprise under certain conditions. It includes cultural concepts, values, enterprise spirit, moral standards, code of conduct, enterprise tradition, enterprise system, cultural environment, enterprise products, etc. Values are the core of corporate culture.
Corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and the inexhaustible power to promote its development. It contains a very rich content, its core is the spirit and values of the enterprise. The values here do not refer to all kinds of cultural phenomena in enterprise management, but the values held by the enterprise or its employees in their business activities. Corporate culture can stimulate employees' sense of mission. No matter what enterprise is, it has its responsibility and mission. The sense of mission is the goal and direction of all employees, and the source of power for the continuous development of the enterprise.
Corporate culture can condense the sense of belonging of employees. The function of corporate culture is to let a group of people from different places pursue the same dream through the refinement and dissemination of corporate values.
Corporate culture can strengthen employees' sense of responsibility. Enterprises should publicize the importance of employees' sense of responsibility through a large number of materials and documents. Managers should instill the sense of responsibility, crisis and team consciousness into all employees, so that everyone can clearly understand that the enterprise is the common enterprise of all employees.
Corporate culture can give employees a sense of honor. Everyone should make more contributions, make more achievements and pursue more sense of honor in his own work position and field.
Corporate culture can realize employees' sense of achievement. The prosperity of an enterprise is related to the survival of every employee in the company. When the enterprise prospers, the employees will be proud and will work harder. The higher the honor, the greater the sense of achievement.