As an important pillar of the logistics industry, heavy-duty trucks are related to the international people's livelihood. The demand is large and very stable. It is one of the important concerns of China's auto industry and occupies an important position in the world. In addition, the advancement of road construction and urbanization has a strong role in promoting the heavy-duty truck market. In recent years, with the rapid development of the logistics express industry and online shopping e-commerce, the demand for heavy-duty cargo transportation vehicles has continued to increase. In addition, the logistics industry's requirements for transportation efficiency are constantly improving. In order to propose logistics and freight efficiency, drop and pull transportation has also received strong support and development from the industry and the country. The users of heavy-duty trucks are also getting younger and younger, and the requirements for vehicle ride comfort and comfort are getting higher and higher; therefore, higher requirements are also put forward for trucks, not only the weight of the vehicle must be reduced, but the load-carrying capacity must be guaranteed. It also has high comfort, high safety and good ride comfort. The load capacity, transportation efficiency, comfort and smoothness of heavy-duty trucks have become the focus of customers' attention.

1. Basic introduction to trailer air suspension

The function of the trail air suspension system is to ensure that the car can drive better and alleviate various impact forces transmitted to the car frame and the car body through the wheels due to various road surfaces, especially in uneven working conditions, because the impact force will caused by vehicle vibration. The suspension system directly affects the comfort of the passengers on the car, the ride comfort of the vehicle and the handling stability of the whole vehicle. There are various structural types of suspension systems of modern heavy-duty trucks, and there are many types of elastic elements and guide elements used in different suspension systems.

2. Current situation and development trend of China trailer air suspension

In the 1990s, in order to seize the China high-end passenger car market, improve the ride comfort of China passenger cars, and improve the technical content of China passenger cars, major China large-scale passenger car manufacturers purchased foreign wholesale trailer parts manufacturers trailer air suspensions or installed second-class air suspensions. The way of bus chassis, and its technical transformation and processing, such as Zhengzhou Yutong, Xiamen Jinlong United Automobile Company, Zhongtong Bus, Anhui Ankai, North Vehicle Manufacturing Factory and other well-known China bus manufacturers. However, affected by many factors such as technical bottlenecks, market promotion, and national policies, the research and application of China automotive air suspension technology has not developed rapidly. Compared with developed countries such as Europe, America, and Japan, the gap is still relatively large, and the technology is relatively backward.

In recent years, due to the improvement of people's living standards in China and the gradual improvement of road network construction, the use of cars has increased. With the improvement of material living standards, people have higher and higher performance requirements for vehicles, and more and more attention For example, for performance indicators such as vehicle comfort, ride comfort, and vehicle handling stability, China automobile manufacturers have gradually increased their investment in advanced trailer spares air suspension research, and product development has also been valued and developed. Domestic automobile manufacturers have gradually begun to independently develop trailer air suspension products that can meet the actual technical needs of vehicles, road conditions in China and the customary needs of users in the China market. The components of the products have also begun to choose China components with lower costs. .

In recent years, the logistics and express delivery industry have achieved rapid development in my country. In line with the goal of improving transportation efficiency, the development of the heavy-duty truck industry has put forward higher requirements for the high-speed performance of the vehicle and the ability to quickly complete transportation tasks. Especially with the rapid growth of drop-and-hook transportation in recent years, in order to match different heights of containers, the vehicle needs to have the ability to adjust the height. The demand for air suspension for heavy-duty trucks is increasing, especially for high-speed cargo. The use on the tractor will become more and more extensive. In addition, in order to reduce the damage of trucks to the road surface and reduce the cost of road maintenance, the country has paid more attention to road maintenance, and the application of air suspension on road transport vehicles, especially cargo tractor vehicles, will further increase. With the development of intelligence, more and more drivers hope that enterprises can develop automobile products with stronger humanized operation, higher intelligent control system and more popular automation.

In short, in recent years, especially in 2016, the implementation of my country's most stringent highway management overweight and overrun policy, at the same time, in order to better improve transportation efficiency, the demand for drop and pull transportation industry has become more and more my country's road freight market is gradually improving, and the proportion of electronically controlled air suspension equipment on road freight vehicles, especially heavy-duty trucks, will become higher and higher.