When judging the quality of a car, car owners often check the car's "three essentials", which include the engine, transmission, and the chassis. Besides the engine and transmission, the chassis tuning is also crucial. The car chassis directly affects the normal operation of the car, and it is an essential component that ensures driver experience and safety. Among various commonly used suspensions, trail air suspension is particularly popular among consumers and is often equipped with luxury cars.

What is trail air suspension?

Car owners who have some knowledge of cars know that besides the basic components of springs and shock absorbers, there are many small parts that make up a car suspension. By combining these parts, the stability of the car can be effectively improved, and the bumps produced during driving are less noticeable. The most obvious difference between trail air suspension and traditional suspension is that the former has a more complex structure, and the medium that supports and cushions the vehicle is different.

The airbag is used to cushion the car in the case of bumps in trail air suspension, thus requiring components such as compressors and high-pressure cylinders to assist the bag's work. Therefore, trail air suspension is not a device that uses air as a medium as we thought, but replaces the spring with an airbag to work, and the shock absorber can still be found on the trail air suspension.

Advantages of trail air suspension

Firstly, when the car is driving on bumpy roads, the performance of trail air suspension in terms of comfort is superior to that of ordinary car suspensions, greatly improving the driving experience of car owners. In addition, trail air suspension can also raise the height of the car body to provide good passing ability for various SUV models.

On the other hand, for many cars, the role of trail air suspension has been maximized. The on-board computer system can scan the road ahead through the camera installed on the car, and then automatically adjust the trail air suspension based on the information feedback from the camera, thereby changing the air pressure of the airbag to provide the driver with a better driving experience and better car stability.

The advantages of tandem axle air suspension, utility trailer air suspension, and semi trailer air suspension are very obvious. Due to its complex structure, trail air suspension takes up a relatively significant amount of interior space and has higher manufacturing costs. Therefore, trail air suspension is usually only installed on off-road or luxury car models. For some ordinary car models, if they can be equipped with trail air suspension, they can significantly improve their driving experience. However, for car manufacturers, how to reduce the cost of trail air suspension is still a problem that needs to be studied.