Trailer brake, also known as tow bar or equalizer, is a device used in some cars to control the operation of other car components through its brake lights, thereby ensuring normal driving of the vehicle; on motorcycles, it is necessary to install a braking mechanism similar to the trailer to transmit torque force between the drive wheel and drive axle of the motorcycle in order to achieve shock absorption, buffering, and other effects.

Trailer parts brake is a device used to brake tires and increase their adhesion without producing friction or heat. When driving on the road, cars are affected by external factors such as the ground reaction force, drag force, and slope. When these external conditions change in some way (such as temperature and humidity) beyond the maximum allowable limit, the clearance between various components will become unbalanced, destroy the original compact fit relationship, cause the entire mechanical operation to malfunction, even damage the elements; bearing may also be locked due to a decrease in lubricating oil viscosity; slippage may also occur.

Working principle of trailer brake parts

The trailer brake uses the vehicle's own kinetic energy for braking, mainly using the DC power supply provided by the generator. The chassis of a car is composed of the transmission system, the travel system, and the steering system. The steering device, also known as the front axle, controls the steering of the entire car; the driver adjusts the inflation and relaxation of the tires under various conditions by adjusting the steering wheel up and down; the drive shaft connects and bears the weight load of the whole vehicle; the differential device distributes the traction force that needs to be transmitted to different types and grades of wheels on the half shafts or unsuspended systems (such as non-independent suspension) to ensure that the car can adapt to the road condition and travel in the correct highway transportation cycle.

Trailer brake parts are controlled by valves

It is a type of car brake that has anti-slip, guiding, and safety protection functions. In the absence of any manipulation (i.e., emergency stepping on the accelerator pedal), the automatic braking system can help the driver make very small turns without worrying about losing control due to uneven road conditions. Trailer brake parts and trailer parts wholesale refer to the traction braking mechanism used for trailers, consisting mainly of driving devices and control circuits. Currently, different forms of automobile tire brakes, such as hydraulic, pneumatic, or all-electronic types, and various special systems with sensing elements or microcomputer-assisted equipment and computers for detection and control are widely used worldwide. In modern cars, direction deviation or deviation occurs frequently during high-speed driving. In order to ensure easy operation and reduce tire wear, some measures need to be taken to improve driving comfort. If such a situation occurs, it can only be repaired manually. However, it is difficult to adjust four wheels to the standard position, and even if it can be reluctantly done, it is very laborious and can easily cause danger.

How to use trailer brake parts?

  • The trailer brake is a device that uses mechanical sensing principles to control electronic signals and injects compressed gasoline into the cylinder for combustion.

  • When a traffic accident occurs, it can automatically switch the sliding motion of the driving wheel to a state that does not require friction torque; it can effectively protect the safety and health of all types of vehicles, riders, and personnel traveling on the road.

  • The advanced trailer spares have multiple advanced technologies and features high cost-effectiveness and easy operation, and has received wide praise in practical applications.