Many kayou will find the phenomenon of tire eating in the process of sports cars. What is tire eating and what kinds of situations will cause tire eating? The analysis is as follows: Tire eating refers to the abnormal wear and tear of tires. There are many reasons for tire eating.

1. It's about the axle

a) This kind of tire eating is mainly caused by the inner side of the tire. If the axle bends forward or backward, it is possible that the tire is more serious.
b) The return of brake shoe and camshaft is not good;

c) The trailer brakes and drums are out of roundness, which causes the tire to stay at the same position and wear quickly.

What Are The Causes Of Tire Eating

2. Other reasons

a) There are problems in suspension installation or adjustment;
b) Some parts of suspension have quality problems or have been damaged, and will change during driving after suspension adjustment;
c) The axle is asymmetric at the left and right when welding the upper and lower support plates;
d) Quality problems of steel rings;
e) Quality problems of gas path. The brake is not synchronized, the brake is locked too fast, which may cause partial tire eating;
f) The uneven distribution of the center of gravity of the whole vehicle causes uneven tire force and eating the tire. This situation also includes the uneven force caused by the large difference of the steel degree of the leaf spring;
g) The center line of the vehicle is offset, and there is a zigzag walking condition in the vehicle driving, which causes the tire to wear on both sides.