When talking about cars, we often talk about the stability and comfort of the car, and a very important part of the reason that affects the comfort and stability of our ride is whether the design of the car's suspension system and shock absorber system by trailer spare parts factory is reasonable. Because the functions shown by the two are similar, many people will think of them as one thing, but in fact they are very different.

Ⅰ. The meaning of suspension system and shock absorber system

1. Suspension system

The double-wishbone suspension will be quite firm, and the upper and lower A-shaped design can be used to move the design, so that the car can better adapt to terrain changes and cushion shocks. Also because there are upper and lower fulcrums, this suspension system performs very well in the face of its side impact capability. So some high-end SUVs and off-road vehicles, and even racing cars will use this more complicated suspension system such as heavy trailer suspension. However, because this kind of suspension is relatively high in terms of design cost and production and installation cost, it also requires a relatively high technical level for automobile manufacturers. Therefore, ordinary cars generally do not use this suspension system.

Ordinary private cars pursue economy, applicability, spaciousness and comfort, so they will choose trailing arm suspension with lower volume and cost. However, this suspension system cannot provide precise geometric control, and has poor load-carrying performance and weak anti-rolling ability. Carts or vans will also use a simpler suspension system-torsion beam suspension, which is what we call non-independent suspension. Cars with this kind of suspension system generally have poor stability and comfort, but because of their simple structure and large bearing capacity, almost all trucks and passenger cars use this kind of suspension system.

2. Shock absorber system

Shock absorbers can make the driving cabin more comfortable and stable. After the suspension system absorbs the vibration transmitted by the wheels, it is bound to continue to transmit force upwards. Which naturally includes the space when we ride. In order to buffer these forces, there are shock absorbers. Shock absorbers are generally divided into two types, spring shock absorbers and hydraulic shock absorbers. The spring vibrates back and forth after being deformed by force due to physical characteristics, and the shock absorption effect will make the car have a bouncing feeling, but the cost of the spring is low and the load-bearing capacity is large. The hydraulic pressure will be more relaxed and stable, but the weight will be relatively small, and the cost will be relatively high. Therefore, many cars now use a hybrid method, with both springs and hydraulic shock absorbers.

Ⅱ. The difference between the suspension system and the shock absorber system

Simply put, the suspension system is used to connect the body and wheels, the shock absorber system is only connected to the body and suspension system, and almost all car shock absorbers will be installed on the suspension system. The current mainstream suspension system designs include double wishbone suspension, professional trailer spares arm suspension, and torsion beam suspension. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.